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Eco Source Electrical LTD company is one of the biggest companies that are active in the field of renewable energies that has the GW12 Standards.

With the development of environmental attitudes and new strategies for the saving of fossil energy sources, the usage of renewable energy sources has come under the focus and attention of all countries around the world. The advantages of this kind of energy is that the wind turbines dont need any fuel and electricity sales price is good. ...

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The U.S. wind industry represents not only a large market for wind power capacity installations but also a growing market for American manufacturing. The following statistics provide a snapshot of the U.S. wind industry:
Total U.S. utility-scale wind power capacity, through the second quarter of 2014: 61,946 MW
U.S. wind power capacity installed during the first half of 2014: 835 MW
U.S. wind power capacity under construction as of the first half of 2014: 14,000 MW
U.S. wind power capacity installed in previous years (including small wind turbines):
2013: 1,084 MW
2012: 13,131 MW
2011: 6,810 MW
2010: 5,216 MW
2009: 10,010 MW
2008: 8,366 MW
2007: 5,258 MW

Number of states with utility-scale wind installations by the end of 2013: 39 plus Puerto Rico

U.S. wind resource potential, onshore: 10,400,000 MW (Source: NREL)

U.S. wind resource potential, offshore: 4,150,000 MW (Source: NREL)

Top five states with wind power capacity installed through the first half of 2014:
1.Texas: 12,753 MW
2.California: 5,829 MW
3.Iowa: 5,177 MW
4.Illinois: 3,568 MW
5.Oregon: 3,153 MW

As of the first quarter in 2013, the United States reached 60,009 MW, or 60 gigawatts (GW), of installed wind capacity. What does 60 GW mean?
. It powers the equivalent of 14.7 million American homes, or the number of homes in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio combined.
. It represents $120 billion of investment in the U.S.
. It provides electricity generation equivalent to 14 nuclear power plants or 52 coal plants.
. Each year, wind energy produces electricity equivalent to burning 320 million barrels of oil.
. It avoids 95.9 million tons of CO2, or roughly 4.2% of the CO2 emissions of the entire power sector. This CO2 avoidance is the same as taking 17.5 million cars off the road.
It avoids the consumption of 36.6 billion gallons of water annually.


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